13th October 2013

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27th March 2011

Almost Harriet's 16th birthday, wonder what she will get?
Camping-Touring.com is going from strength to strength and their Easter Rally is looking like it will be great fun.
Check out the C-T page on Facebook
or the main website www.camping-touring.com
Halys has also started playing with web site design with her site at www.halys.co.uk

12th April 2010

Halys and I married on New Years Eve 2009.

20th August 2008

Long time no update!!!
Well the big news is Anita & I have split up and are almost divorced.
I have now met a new lady, well an old one actually. Halys Bostock, we were classmates in Primary school and right through high school. We always had a special friendship and even dated for a short time. Well thanks to Friends Reunited we are now back in touch and have not looked back.
Halys is my best friend and was 20 years ago!

31st August 2006

We have just returned from our first holiday in France. We thought we would keep a log of our trip and the first part is now online. Click the link on the left to read it.

15th May 2006

The POI file for for Internet Linked Repeaters has been updated.
Check out the downloads page for the new file.

29th April 2006

Photos of the GB3PZ Big Breakfast today now on the site.
Go to the radio section & click the PZ Breakfast link on the left.

24 April 2006

New call sign arrived in the post along with all the odds and sods that come with it.
MØGMX is now my call sign and is the last step on the ladder.

12 April 2006

I Passed - Exam results for the March Amateur Radio Advanced License arrived today. I PASSED!!!!
New call sign should be on it's way very soon.

16 March 2006

Advanced Licence.
I took the exam for the final stage of the Amateur Radio licence last night, 15.03.06
Results of the exam will take around 4 - 6 weeks, the waiting is going to kill me!

The exam was 62 questions in 2 hours. All multiple choice with 4 possible answers.
Most of the questions were OK but some were written by persons of "fatherless origins".
I think I did OK and there is only 1 question that I know I answered wrong as I looked up the correct answer after the exam. The pass mark is 60 - 70% or there abouts so I think I have done enough to pass which is all I need.

Look out for a redesign of the site if/when my callsign changes.


09 February 2006

I have noticed an increase in hits on the site since the release of the Tom Tom POI files. I hope everyone is enjoying them.
I have added a calendar to the site which shows my busy times curtesy of yahoo which will I hope synchronize with my PDA, so I hope it will always be up to date.

31 January 2006

POI file for Radio Amateurs is now in the new downloads section.
The file shows locations of simplex internet links together with node callsign, frequency and ctcss info. These are only displayed if you select the POI.
Also Garmin, Destinator & Memory Map formats as well as Autoroute. Enjoy.
Internet Linked Repeater Tom Tom File is now live.


30 January 2006

Coming Soon, SAT NAV POI Files.
I am currently working on POI files for Sat Nav systems. The POI files will show locations of Amateur Radio internet voice links(simplex), and another will show repeater locations and yet another for internet linked repeaters.


01 January 2006

OK it's 1:16am and I decided that I would put up some new pics before I went to bed.
XMAS Photos now online via the photo link or here.
This is the first year that Lucy has been able to open her own presents with NO help!! A big step forward for Lucy.

03 October 2005

I have added loads more to the funnies page.
Thought it was about time that some of the stuff that Mike, Zahra & Ian keep sending me got an outing on the site.

02 September 2005

Added photos from our trip to Cornwall this August
checkout the photo page.

1st July 2005

Added some photo's taken by Chris to his page. All taken during our weekend camping on Anglesey.

28th May 2005

New GB3PZ Breakfast photos now online in the radio section.

11th May 2005

Added my webcam. You can now see what is going on in my shack.

10th May 2005

Added some photos of my shack and antenna system. Thought someone may be interested.
Find them in the Radio section.

06th May 2005

Added a Funnies section with some humours videos and pictures.

26th April 2005

Updated/added more photos in the Walt Disney World Section. Also made photos into a Slide Show.

22nd April2005

Well I have not updated anything for a while.
I have been busy with other things.
I have now got my own domain. www.phickman.co.uk now points to this website.

17th March 2005

*Added latest PZ Breakfast photos. The PZ Breakfast is one year old.*

Added 2 more video clips from our Disney World trip in 2004. Added a page to the family section of the site which features some of my Dad's paintings. He has only been painting since Christmas 04 so the results are quite astounding, also when you consider he has had no lessons.

15th March 2005

re-organized some elements of the site navigation. Added some downloads in the Radio section.

14th March 2005

Added a links page.
Echolink listing is now done.

13th March 2005

Have added some information to the Radio section of the site. Repeater info and IRLP node info. Echolink is going to take some time to collate but it will be added when I get round to it.

Wireless network is now in place with a Linksys WAG54G Router and a wireless card for my laptop. Working very well. All 3 computers are now networked. 2 PC's hard wired and the laptop either wired or wireless.

8th March 2005

*Added Epcot fireworks video* 9.30am

I have experimented with adding video to the site and it seems a success so far. Take a look at the video clips link on the left.
So far just 1 clip of Fantasmic, a show which we saw at Walt Disney World on a family vacation in 2004. More will be added as and when I get the time.

7th March 2005

Site or a least a basic version went live this morning.
The transfer of ADSL service to Zen went flawlessly. As soon as I got up I noticed that the connection had been lost, Just input the new username and password and hey presto back on line.
Just hope that the installation of my new Wireless router goes as easily. Should hopefully arrive tomorrow.

6th March 2005

Started working on this website. I decided on a whole new site ready for the move to Zen Internet on Monday 7th March.
Hopefully the basic's will be online and ready to go early on Monday.

Well it's Mothers Day here and also my Dad's birthday so I will not get to spend much time completing this site today, but the basic layout is ready to go live.