Shack & Antenna Photos

Portable Mast erected in back garden

Home Made Portable Mast with 2m 4element beam being tested in the back garden.

Shack seen from the Operating Position

My Shack. Seen from the operating position.
As you can see I don't keep it too tidy :)
Buried somewhere to the right is a Laptop.

FT857D with LDG Z100 Autotuner & PSK Interface

My Yaesu FT857D with the
LDG Electronics Z100 Autotuner
And PSK31 Isoterm Interface produced by G3LIV
Tucked away at the back is the LDG One-Touch-Tune interface for the radio and tuner.
The Radio had the Yaesu MH-59 Remote Control DTMF mic connected.