UK236 446MHz Link

446MHz PMR is a licence free radio communication system.
The radios are simple to use and many are bought as children's toys.
The UK236 Link is basically a local repeater which is connected to the internet so that
users can communicate around the world.

The Link is connected to the 446 eQso server via the internet where you will find
many other links from as far afield as the USA and Australia.

The map below shows the approximate range of the link, this has not yet been
tested and will hopefully improve when I can get the system up and running properly.

UK236-L 446 Link
The link is situated in Wythenshawe South Manchester.
To access the link is simple, tune your radio to channel 4 CTCSS code 19.

Callsigns are not needed however some people do use them. Just call CQ or simply say

The link is often quite quiet during the week and in the daytime. To check if you are
within range of the link key the mic on your radio for 2 seconds then release in morse code
_ . _ dash dot dash. If you can hear the beeps then you are in range.

These are the radio's that I use for the link.
One is connected to the PC and the other used as a normal
radio for me to talk on the link.

The radio's are FreQuency 122Tx's made by TTI
Bought from Maplin's for 35 complete with
charger and batteries.



More to come soon.