In this section you get the chance to share some of our memories.

Click the links on the left to see the photos. They are divided into sections by either subject or event. ie. the Disney World page contains images taken during our trip to Walt Disney World in Florida 2004.


New Photos

Some new photos of the kids at Christmas 2005 have just been added.
Due to a slight technical fault with the camera some of these are a little dark and have had to be adjusted in photoshop & you can tell with some, but you should be able to see what you need to.

(Note to Santa. New camera for next Christmas Please! I'll be a good boy, Honest)

Santa Came Early!!!
We now have a Fuji S9500

It's a very high spec camera, on Par with many mid range Digital SLR camera's and has lots of features in common with high end professional DSLR's. The main difference is that the lens is not interchangeable but with a focal length of 28-300mm and a x2 digital zoom making 600mm it should not be necessary to change it anyway. I'm still learning to use this beast and some of the photos are encouraging so far as are the prints on the Epson C84 printer especially at the highest setting.

A Swan at Martin Mere
One of the earlier more encouraging photos.

A couple of Carolina Ducks

Lucy at Grandma's with her 'Big Mac' switch