The Lady in My Life

Halys Bostock

Halys and I have known each other since we were 8 years old!
Yes we met at Abbey Hey Primary School when I transferred from another local school.

We got on instantly and became friends all the way though High School. For a brief time after High School we became more than friends but drifted apart when I left to go to college in Leeds.

We both met and married other people with who we had 4 beautiful children between us. Halys has 2 girls and I have a boy and a girl.

We didn't see each other for 20 years when Halys added herself to Friends Reunited and I contacted her via that site. We instantly picked up our friendship where we left off all those years ago.
It became very quickly apparent that the feelings that we had been so scared of when we were 18 were still there but much stronger now.
It just happened that we were both separated from our partners and the rest is history. Very soon after we met for the second time in our lives it was obvious that we both knew what a huge mistake we made 20 years ago.

We fit together like 2 halves of the same person. We can read each others minds it seems. Even if we are not together at night we both sense if the other is lying awake worrying/thinking about something. It's an amazing feeling to be so connected to someone.

During a conversation with Halys's Mum & Dad her Mum commented that it seemed just like the 20 year gap had never happened as we appeared to have just picked up where we left off. We set off laughing at her as she had just summed up our relationship to a T.Just the two of us, at Chester Zoo

It actually took us about 10 minutes to realise that we wanted each other and after we met up again it was instantly obvious that we were still incredibly attracted to each other.

We both agreed that we would have no secrets, and tell no lies. It would be pretty pointless to try anyway, with us both so connected we know when the other is trying to hide something anyway and lies are a non starter as we can read each others faces like a book.

As we were not yet divorced we decided to keep our relationship under wraps. Yeah right! like that was ever going to happen. We kept it secret for about a week. We had told everyone that matters to us that we were very good friends and there was nothing going on.

On Halys's birthday we went out for a meal with her parents. They seemed to think that there was something more to our relationship which was possibly the reason that they had secretly arranged for Halys's sister & brother-in-law to attend, & probably the reason that Joyce's first question to me was " well can you keep Halys in the style to which she has become accustomed?" It could have also had something to do with the fact that we can't keep our hands off each other. We hold hands, touch all the time. We walked to the restaurant hand in hand, and could not help holding hands at the table.

Beautiful HalysWe love to do the mundane everyday things together like the cooking, supermarket shopping. We love a stroll in the park, sitting on a park bench watching the world go by, holding hands & cuddling. Yep kissing & cuddling in public at our age! haha! we really don't care who see's us anymore. The kids quickly accepted that we will always show our affection for all to see and quickly told us to "get a room for goodness sake!"

I even get on with George & Joyce, Halys's parents. Halys says that in one afternoon shopping trip with them her Dad and I talked more than her Ex and him spoke in the 17 years they were married.Halys & Me taken in 1986ish

George is a great bloke, similar in many ways to myself, easy going and pretty unflappable. We have a similar sense of humour too.