POI In Other Formats

Radio Amateur POI,

Simplex Internet Links: Here
A comprehensive list of simplex internet VOIP links,
showing node callsign, frequency and ctcss.

Works with Tom Tom Navigator 5 and probably others.
Unzip and read the "Read First.txt" file.

This list is converted from information on the RSGB's
Data Coms Committee website.

Other formats:

Memory Map


Garmin PCX5

I have no way of testing these formats. If you try them and they work please let me know.

Here is a small bmp file that you are free to use
 for any of the above files
Right click on the picture & select save picture as

Autoroute Push Pins

Import the .csv file using the MS Autoroute Data Import facility

Internet Linked Repeaters

File now updated to include at least one newly internet enabled repeater
Updated 15th May 2006

More Formats of the Tom Tom Repeater file soon.


Below is a low quality image of the map produced in MS Autoroute with this file.

Radio Manuals in pdf format




Recording Software Useful for recording direct to PC from Radio


X-Corder 2.0

Vox Recorder

Both of these softwares are freeware.