Chilled Out day

August 3rd, 2011

Well it's a chill out day today.

Finally found a decent Mobile Broadband connection. Just outside the gates to the site.

Site so far is great no complaints at all. Weather is typical british weather, just wait a few min and it will change.

Called into Newquay yesterday and found the Skyblue Leisure store. Halys bought me a brand new 9m pole and flag which was promptly installed outside the tent when we got back.

Eden project tomorrow so that's going to be a long day! We have tickets for the Labarynth which starts at 8pm and goes on until probably 10 - 10:30pm and Halys would like to use the full day at Eden as well. So long day it will be.

Sunset over the site last night

July 31st, 2011

Day 1

July 30th, 2011

Well we arrived and set up.
We set off at 3am and arrived at 10am. got on the pitch at 11 and was sat down with a brew at 12:45pm. It appears Teamwork has finally arrived in the Hickman camp.
We have had a little explore and been to 3 places that I have not been to
St Agnes, for one was really nice. We met a great old cornishman who wanted to tell us his life story.
Halys has had her rings re-Rhodium plated and is all sparkly again.
Very tired now just had a nice curry that we brought with us.
Weather has been overcast and sunny. Temperature has been up to 20C
Here's hoping the rest of the holiday is the same.
Oh the girls had a paddle too.:D

Off we go

July 30th, 2011

Well by now we are off on our summer holidays.

We are off to Globe Vale Holiday Park in Cornwall for 2 weeks of camping.
Globe Vale

Hope you will join us via our daily blog from Cornwall. Click Here for our Holiday Blog

Holiday are Here!!

July 29th, 2011

That's it the holidays are upon us.
By this time tomorrow we will be in a field in Cornwall with a glass of something red probably and alcoholic.....The start of our 2 weeks away.

I invite you all to join us over at our holiday blog for what will hopefully be our daily update on our time in Cornwall. Hope you will all leave your comments for us to read.
So if we can get decent mobile broadband coverage we will try to update the blog once a day, possibly more if any family member fancies a quick blog :D

So click the "Holiday Blog" Link at the top or click here

See you all soon.