Sunday Sunday

September 4th, 2011

The house is all asleep, even the dog has gone back to bed after eating his breakfast.
I'm having a cuppa and have put our Sunday joint in the oven.
I just wish I could manage to stay asleep like everyone else in this house....LOL
Guess I just have a built in alarm clock. Just need to find out how I turn the bloody thing off!!
Watching "The Stepfather" on sky picking up a few hints :D

Bank Holiday

August 29th, 2011

Why is our weather so crap & not like this?
Can't wait for next year

This is the beach at La Racher, Longeville Sur Mer in the Vendee where we will be next August with the Galloway family

Tent Drying

August 21st, 2011

Well the weather is OKish and we decided to dry the tent

It was very wet, still better get it dry now than find out it's wrecked next year in France!

Back To Work :(

August 15th, 2011

Well it's back to work for me :( So not impressed with getting up at 6am again, even though I have been up at 6 for more than half of the holiday. But hey, that was by choice, now I have got to get up.
Wonder what fun is in store for me today?
One thing is certain. I won't be driving as much this next 2 weeks as I have done for the last 2!
1385 miles was the total for the holiday and about 2&1/2 tanks of diesel. Which is pretty good for driving around hilly Cornwall on some of the narrowest roads in the country and 700 miles towing a heavy trailer. So glad we were not doing it with the old car. Although it was a great car it would have been very expensive in petrol for the fortnight.
We'll see how we go when Halys and I go for our weekend in France when the load is much lighter.

Labarynth, NoFitState Circus

August 5th, 2011

The nofitstate circus was great last night at Eden.
As the name suggests the performers were supposedly in "no fit state" to perform with the clowns who were all acrobatic performers and members of the rigging crew as well acting incapable. The rope work girl got this off to a tee and was very funny. There was also a young girl on a trike who was having a whale of a time riding into the crown and causing as much mayhem as possible.

The performance started for us in the Medeterrianian Biome and we saw 3 performances in 3 different locations in the Biome. We then were treated to a juggling and German Wheel performance outside the biome. Then we wandered through the space outside where various performers were doing their thing, a couple were playing snap, another girl was lamenting her lost lover in song.

This was to allow time for the main performance to be prepared inside the main stage area.

This started with a long rope act which was counterbalanced by someone attached to the other end of a rope running up and down a ladder. Then a tight rope duet.

The whole thing finished with a fire ring performance outside the main tent.

I will add pictures when I have a better internet connection.

Today seems to be a relaxing day to recover from last nights midnight arrival home at the tent.