Christmas 2012

October 13th, 2013

Well I think my Christmas present to Halys and Cordelia went down as well as could be expected &#59;)

I gave them each a letter from Santa which told them to go off and pack a bag for 2 nights, pack for cold weather.
After some strange looks they went off upstairs. When they came down I gave them a second envelope which contained tickets to Disneyland Resort Paris and told them that they were leaving on Boxing Day night.

Cordelia & Rex
Goofy Santa
Cordelia & Mike Wizowski

 Halys & Cordelia trying on hats


Cordelia With JackThe Pumpkin King

Cordelia With Mickey Mouse

Cordelia at the enterance to The Magic Kingdom

Another Year Older and Full Of a Cold

December 22nd, 2012

Yesterday was my birthday.

My wonderful wife booked us a night at The Village Hotel at Ashton Moss, with a meal.
I decided to upgrade the room to an "Upper Deck" room with those little extras like Starbucks in your room.....which actually means a starbucks mug and some Starbucks branded drinks sachets in the room. So basically a sachet of hot chocolate as well as the usual tea and coffee, a snuggly Duvet and some pinchable toiletries. Oh and Sky Movies in your room.

The meal was good as usual, Eggs Benedict to start followed by Rump Steak for me and Chicken Kiev for Halys. We both had Creme Brule for desert.

Halys has had a bad cold last week and it looks like she shared it with me. Guarenteed I suppose. Well by the time we had wound down and gone back to the room for a glass or two of wine I was feeling extremley tired and very achey. So by half nine we were both in bed!

Boy that has to be the worst nights sleep I ever had! I was boiling up! I was aching! & the pillows were bloody awful, there was no support at all. I sank that far into then I felt like I was bieng smothered!

Don't think I will be upgrading at the Village again!

On the brighter side Cordelia and Halys are now in the kitchen bakeing up a storm! wonder what we will be having?



November 11th, 2012


Halys at The Top 3rd time lucky babe

The Happiest Place on Earth

At the end of October we went off to Paris again. We do love the place, everythime we go we find some new experiance, some new street that we had no idea was there.
This time we wandered around a tiny section of the Latin Quater with it's little narrow streets with small bars, cafes and resturants. We also decided to have a mooch around the other side of the river around the Hotel De Ville area and found loads more shops. We wandered down the shops towards the Louvre and then to the Place De La Concorde.

It's our 3rd time in Paris and this time we were determined to do the ultimate Parisien tourist trap..... Le Tour Eiffel!
We finally made it this time thanks to some forward planning, OK we booked our ticket/lift pass online over a month before we went, and so we defianatley made it to the top.

Sunday saw us hop on a train to Varsailles, the decadent palace of Louis XIV (14th). Another of the Parisien tourist traps.
The que to enter the Palace was enormous!

We decided that we would look around the gardens first.
Whilst not exactly elaborate on the gardening front, ie not full of exotic flowers, plants and shrubs etc... The gardens ane truly magnificent and very worth a visit for the numerous fountains which mostly date from the 1700's

Two of the more famous fountains at Versailles

If you get to go, make sure you visit during the fountains operating hours.
The house itself is very opulant but would have benefitted from a "National Trust" type of treatment. It would have been nice to have seen the rooms dressed as they would have been when the palace was a thriving royal court. Apart from the main item of furnature ie a bed in the bedroom the rooms were pretty much empty of furnature which meant that all you could see was the decoration, Still well worth a visit.
After our visit to Versailles my friends Daniel and Sophie had invited us to dinner at their home. Daniel collected us outside the Palace and took us home for a great evening, which we had to end abruptly due to works on the train line back to Paris..... Good job he checked...... We still ended up hopping a taxi back to the hotel.

Disneyland Paris

 Well why not? what's wrong with being a couple of big kids? Actually I'm kind of a Disney nut I just love it! and so I found out does my wife &#59;)
We bought e-tickets online well before going but decided that it was probably best that  we maybe don't tell the kids. Not a bad idea as it happens as Cordelia fell out with us big time when she found out we had been.
We drove to Disney because of the Works on the RER C line which meant that we would have trouble getting back to the hotel at almost midnight.
The day started great with all the excitement that you would expect with two small children in the car approaching that famous entrance to......The Car Park!

There is something quite magical about standang on Main Street and looking at Cinderella's Castle in the distance.

Almost Time

October 18th, 2012

Almost time for Halys and I to pack for our long weekend away.

 Guess where?

Paris! Yes again we head for French France.

This time we have pre-booked our visit to the Eifel Tower.

Le Tour Eifel

This time next week

July 21st, 2012

This time next week we will be packing the final bits for our holiday!
Can't Wait!