February 7th, 2016

I'm getting a little fed up with Facebook moving photos!

It seems that every time I come to this blog I have to start re linking bloody photos.

It would seem that Facebook keep moving them. By the time I have fixed the issues I have gotten fed up and can't be bothered to post .

Easter In Paris 2015

July 19th, 2015

Surprise Surprise guess where we went for Easter?



We took our good friends Trevor & Jeanette with us and kind of walked their little legs off....&#59;)

First stop was our by now usual visit to Auchan at Meru to stock up with supplies...... OK mainly booze but a bit of food too....
We arrived at our usual hotel, The F1 at Gennvilliers just outside Paris and checked in then promptly got told off for opening a bottle of fizz in the breakfast area.... Ooops! A couple of hours to freshen up and then we're off!

First Stop La Tour Eiffel, we didn't go up but spent some time at the bottom soaking up Paris


Chocolate Shop

Moulin Rouge

Shakespere & Company

Fab Little Resturant

A Weekend To Remember in The Somme

August 31st, 2014

August Bank Holiday Weekend 2014.

We set off with our good friends Trevor and Jeanette Ames to France. It was a busy weekend traffic wise, the creamfields festival was on in Cheshire and so it was going to be a Long drive to Le Tunnel.
We of course stopped to refuel ourselves at South Mims Services which has become a bit of a habit on the drive south. Trevor & Jeanette had never been on the tunnel and so were looking forward to it.
We arrived and checked in to be told no early crossing, no problem as Duty Free was open so Trev and I hit the Whiskey counter and promptly drooled over lots of singal Malts only to come away with a very nice blended Johnnie Walker export whiskey called "The Spice Road", the ladies bought perfume at a nice saving.

Onto the train and Jeanette was eager to see the fish? Yes that is the 3rd person to fall for that little gag even if it was only for a couple of seconds.
We drove on to just before Vimy Ridge and found an Aire to rest for a couple of hours. We timed it just right and arrived at the memorial just before Dawn to be treated a magnificent sight. 

Vimy Ridge at Sunrise

We moved on to find the first cemetary on Trevors list and the resting place of his great uncle.

Then Jeanette's turn
We found a tiny bakery in a village as we were driving towards Albert for breakfast, we bought the biggest most delicious Pain Au Chocolate that I have ever tasted.

At Albert we visited the Musee de Somme 1914 - 1918 which is built in the air raid shelters 10m under the town.

You exit the Museum into a nice little park where the river runs through offering some nice picture oppertunities.

Thiepval Memorial

We arrived at the British Memorial of Theipval which is again on a hill as so many battles were.

Thiepval is a memorial to the missing, to those soldiers who were lost in the battle but who's final resting place is unknown.

Then the Wallencourt Cemetary

 Off to the hotel. The F1 at Levin, Lens after a quick trip to the Carrefore next door for some much needed supplies......ie Wine and nibbles. A shower, drink and then to the Buffalo Grill over the road.
 Jeanette with an empty glass, you won't see that very often &#59;)

Day 2 Belgium

Heading for the Menim Gate at Ypres I managed to program the town of Menim into the Sat Nav..... Luckily it's not too far away.
En route we passed a sign for Tyne Cott Cemetary and decided we must take a detour to see it. Tyne Cott is the final resting place of 11,000 Allied Soldiers and 2 German soldiers.


We arrived at Ypres and drove righ through the Menim Gate which was a huge bonus.

 The Menin Gate

 British Tommy's in Ypres

 The Menim Gate Ceremony
The Last Post is played every night by the local fire brigade buglers

 Ypres Cloth House

The weekend finished with a shopping trip around the Auchan and City Europe at Calais and a boot full of Wine and Food!

The Menim Gate

A weekend to remember for many reasons.
Respect for the fallen soldiers of "The War To End All Wars"

Good company and Great Friends.
Let's do it again soon Trevor & Jeanette! 

France Sud 2014

August 31st, 2014

Well we have been back for a whole week now.
The journey back was an experiance, 1069 miles in one go! We set off at 9am Sunday morning after packing away the tent and all the kit. And arrived home at 6:30am on Monday.

The French Catalan area was quite different to other areas of France that we have been to, there was much more of a Spanish feel to the place.  The weather was HOT!! so hot that at least one day we had to go find some cool air, so off to the Centre Comercial (shopping centre), basically a huge French Hypermarket and shops under one roof. The French Hypermarkets are enormous, they sell just about everything, and if they don't stock it there you can probably order it from the instore catalogue.
The area was pretty well stocked up with Supermarkets we found Auchan, Intermarche, L'Eclerc and Carrefore Hypermarkets as well as many small local supermarkets by the same brands. You could even buy a swimming pool at a couple of the Hypermarkets, and I mean you could walk in and walk out with a new pool to install and swim in that same day.


St Cyprien

Sagrada Familiar, Barcelona, Spain


Milau Bridge

On the whole a great holiday! Next a quick weekend in The Somme

we are here

July 28th, 2014

Well after a really long drive we arrived in 32°C at 8:30pm 

Sunday was really hot but we got set up and had a first dip in the med!